Festival Monteverdi Vivaldi 2016 "Vivaldi, the man under the wig"

From August to October, from the palaces on the Canal Grande to the villas along the Riveria del Brenta, the Festival Monteverdi Vivaldi becomes metropolitan. A journey through music, art and architecture, to discover the eighteenth-century Venice. Some of the most beautiful palaces in Venice, the Teatro La Fenice and the nearby Ateneo Veneto will host events of the festival. And then there is the Brenta Canal with its villas as an ideal extension of the Canal Grande. The festival goes ashore to the mainland, among the beautiful frescoes of Villa Widmann Rezzonico Foscari in Mira and Villa Foscarini Rossi in Stra. The protagonist will be the music of an unexpected Antonio Vivaldi, without the wig. "To take the wig off" Antonio Vivaldi in Venice means revealing the man beneath the wig, presenting rarely performed pieces and arias and drawing parallels with other great composers of his era. Vivaldi without the wig is the true Vivaldi, who remains contamporary through the ages and who has been repeatedly reinterpreted and retranslated. In addition to the concerts there will be "the festival salon", a series of meetings with big names of the Baroque music scene as the mezzo-soprano Vivica Genaux and the contralto Sara Mingardo.



  • The apotheosis of music between hospitals and conservatories
    Giulia Bolcato, soprano - Nicola Lamon, harpsichord
    Saturday 27 august - 20.30 - UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice (Italy)
  • Tuesday 30 august - 18.30 - Ateneo Veneto
  • The library of Count Rudolf Franz von Schönborn Erwein
    Federico Toffano, cello - Roberto Loreggian, harpsichord
    Friday 2 september - 20.30 - Palazzo Marin
  • 1714, the triumph of a star
    Rupert Enticknap, countertenor; Nicola Lamon, harpsichord
    Tuesday 6 september - 20.30 - Palazzo Pisani Moretta
  • The rush of the arc and the beauty of the sound: La Scuola Veneta
    Contrarco Baroque Ensemble
    Tuesday 13 september - 20.30 - Palazzo Pisani Moretta
  • From the Lament of Ariadne by Monteverdi to Vivaldi's Fonti del pianto
    Lieselot De Wilde, soprano - Fabiano Merlante, theorbo - Olivier Lexa, artistic concept
    Tuesday 20 september - 20.30 - Teatro La Fenice
  • Presentation of the book La musique à Venise
    Friday 30 september - 18.30 - Casino Venier
  • On a summer night, the woodwinds give voice to the works of Vivaldi
    Gregorio Carraro, oboe, oboe d’amore, flute; Fabiano Merlante, archlute e theorbo
    Saturday 1 october - 20.30 - Villa Widmann Rezzonico (sala degli affreschi)
  • Natalia Morozova, piano
    Wednesday 5 october - 20.30 - Palazzo Zeno
  • Friday 7 october - 18.30 - Ateneo Veneto
  • A duel between Benedetto Marcello and Antonio Vivaldi
    Carlotta Gomiero, soprano; Nicola Lamon, harpsichord
    Wednesday 12 october - 20.30 - Palazzo Contarini Polignac
  • The most beautiful arias of the eighteenth-century Venice
    Aurelio Schiavoni, alto; Nicola Lamon, harpsichord
    Thursday 20 october - 20.30 - Villa Foscarini Rossi (Salone delle feste)
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